Derek Thurber

Hello, I am a Professional Web Designer Front-end Developer Learning Designer Graphic Designer User Experience Designer

SVG Modal background

I am a professional designer with experience creating innovative graphic, web, and learning designs which engage, interpret, and explain. I am also an effective project manager, comfortable juggling numerous projects with various stakeholders in different stages simultaneously. Plus, I'm a strong communicator, especially adept at bridging the gap between technical and non-technical audiences.

I have worked on lots of creative things and loved doing all of them. Many of the creative things I have worked on have been designing learning environments that challenge convention, redesign old standards in a new format, and explore the possibilities of quality instruction in person and online. Other creative things I have done include designing print marketing materials, interactive infographics, and engaging web designs among other cool things.

I currently work as an Instructional Designer at Arizona State University, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. My previous experience includes working as an Instructional Design and Technology Consultant at Northwestern University, interning at the White House, trying my hand as a paralegal, volunteering for AmeriCorps, working for several colleges, and picking up a Master's Degree in Higher Education Administration and Policy along the way. I can't stop thinking about the future. The future of technology; the future of learning; the future of our planet; the future of my life. What new thing can I learn? What creative project can I do next? If you have a project I can work with you on, please reach out.

[email protected]